About HOCA

Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation is a non-profit organisation launched in 2014 with the goal of promoting and developing awareness of contemporary art in Hong Kong. The city has quickly risen to the forefront of the Asian art market in recent years with a slew of international art galleries, art fairs and auction houses opening up and drawing the attention of international collectors and dealers. Despite this, many people in Hong Kong still protest the city’s lack of cultural outlets. HOCA Foundation hopes to add to the expanding art scene by providing a new platform for contemporary art events and exhibitions.

Our Goals

HOCA’s aim is to bring art to the city outside of a gallery context by curating contemporary art exhibitions and events across Hong Kong. In addition, HOCA will support contemporary art education by sponsoring international artists-in-residence and providing art and culture programs and community services. The foundation will also oversee the publication of contemporary art books, which will be donated, along with magazines, to schools, libraries and other charitable institutions. Through these initiatives, made possible by generous donations and privileged access to some of the city’s best private collections, the foundation hopes to contribute to the growing number of platforms for art education in the city.

Our Focus

HOCA Foundation will focus its attentions on a younger generation of international artists as well as pioneers of contemporary art interested in engaging with contemporary life and culture. This new generation of artists grew up in an age of increasing globalization, where international and counter cultures were easily accessible through the Internet and various forms of social media. Today, people can immediately access art in a way that wasn’t possible a few generations ago, leading to a moment in art history where contemporary art has almost become truly democratized in most major cities.

Many artists of this new generation are responding to globalization by becoming more conceptually interested in contemporary life. Countless are engaged with the idea of high art stemming from more popular forms of culture such as animation, illustration, graffiti, and graphic design. Drawing from these popular medias, this new generation of artists engages with popular culture in a way that stems from the Pop Art movement of the sixties and seventies, with artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, as well as artists from earlier generations such as the Surrealists. Engaged by the present while informed by the past, these artists demonstrate a knowledge and awareness of their position in a larger art historical context. Through exhibitions by these world-renowned artists, HOCA hopes to enhance the growing awareness and increasingly sophisticated dialogue of contemporary art in the city.

Your Support

Our programs would not be possible without your generous contributions. We want to thank you for helping HOCA Foundation with it’s goal of supporting Hong Kong’s development as the primary art capital of Asia through contemporary art education, exhibitions, and events. At the present, the city seems to have too few public art venues and exhibitions focused on international art, and, in the end, public participation is of utmost importance in encouraging art appreciation. By increasing access to international art through public exhibitions and events, HOCA aspires to play a small part in helping make contemporary art an essential part of the city’s cultural identity.

Our Team

Claire Crozel, Director, HOCA Foundation 

Claire Crozel joins HOCA Foundation as Director of Development after years of experience as a Gallery Director in Hong Kong and Gallery Manager in Shanghai, at the Jacques Barrere Gallery and Magda Danysz Gallery respectively, where she acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in Asian antiquities as well as urban contemporary art. Crozel graduated Summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from Sorbonne University in Paris and holds a Master’s degree in History of Art and Archaeology of East Asia from the School of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of London. She is fluent in French, English and Mandarin.